Sveto Muhammad Ishoq

Founder/Executive Director

As Afghanistan’s first Schwarzman Scholar, Sveto earned a master’s degree in Global Affairs at Tsinghua University in Beijing. She is passionate about women’s economic empowerment and eliminating the ‘single story’ about her home country, Afghanistan, by representing Afghanistan on national and international platforms and promoting the unheard experiences of Afghan people. Having lived in China for a year and absorbed negative perspectives that others have about life in Afghanistan inspired Sveto to combine her passion for fashion with national pride and create the first modest clothing brand in Afghanistan- showing the world that Afghanistan is much more than what people see on the media. As a women’s rights activist, Sveto was inspired to contribute to ‘storytelling’ through Chadari.

Malali Popalzai

Programme Manager

Malali is studying Business Administration
at Taj Higher Education University in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan. She has been selected from a pool of +1,000 students as the Erasmus+ Scholar at Opolski University in Poland in 2019. In Poland, Malali initiated programs like ‘Tea with Malali’ where she discussed an unheard side of Afghanistan, changing people’s perspectives on
Afghanistan. Malali co-founded the ‘Stop Early Marriage’ program in her city advocating for children and women rights.

Asma Ghazi

Communications Manager

Asma completed her high school in BiBi Sarah in Kabul, earned her bachelor’s degree in Salam University with a concentration in Law and Political Science and earned a Master’s degree in International Relations from China Foreign Affairs University in Beijing. She is passionate about women empowerment and volunteering in her community. She volunteers as an event manager for the Australian Youth Community and BeHive, non-profit community organization based in Beijing.

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