Chadari Events

The first event of Chadari in collaboration with SCOLAR Network held on 2nd May 2020 titled “COVID-19 PANDEMIC AND THE COPING STRATEGIES: UNTOLD STORIES OF AFGHAN WOMEN FROM ACROSS THE GLOBE” offered participants from different countries (Afghanistan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia and US) the opportunity to hear the inspired stories of #AfghanWomen, about their projects, the impact of #COVID19 on their lives and their positive thoughts during the pandemic. You can watch the full video in our YouTube Channel here:

Chadari’s second online event was held on June 11th, titled “Seizing the Moment: Finding Inspiration during Challenging Times.” We had three inspirational guest speakers that shared their amazing initiatives that were born during the days of lockdown and shared their stories to help motivate and inspire others during this time. You can watch the full video in our YouTube Channel here:

Chadari Project’s third event was with one of the exceptional speakers, Dr. Rita Anwari, Founder/Director of Women Empowerment and Leadership. The theme of the talk was ‘Empowering Afghan Women During COVID-19 Pandemic.’ Rita Anwari is a passionate philanthropist and is deeply committed to the reconstruction and development of the local communities, especially women in receiving education and training. Owing to her commitment to improving human lives in Afghanistan, she has now become a bridge of cooperation and understanding between Afghanistan and Australia. You can watch the full video in our YouTube Channel here:

We were pleased to have our fourth event in collaboration with the Afghan Women Welfare and Development Association (AWWDA) on July 22. We had Laleh Osmany, the founder of the #WhereIsMyName campaign share the motivation behind the campaign and other amazing speakers talking about their perspective about this crucial campaign.

You can watch the full video in our YouTube Channel here:

To mark the 4th anniversary of the August 24th, 2016 American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) Campus Attack in Kabul, Chadari Project has organized an event on Monday, August 24, 2020, to celebrate the bravery of the survivors of the attack. AUAF was one of the biggest and darkest attacks in Afghanistan targeting an educational institution, killing 13 people and injuring more than 50. The survivors of this attack had two options: stop everything and let fear possess them or continue education and let them overcome fear. But #EducationPrevailed. Not surprisingly, the majority of the students chose the second option showing their bravery and passion for education. Chadari Project, therefore, invited the survivors of AUAF attack to share their stories of bravery during the attack with us and their life after the incident.

You can watch the full video in our YouTube Channel here:

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