Saliha and Naim’s Story

A young couple, but in an unbelievable situation. No house, no job and no financial support. A husband and a wife who got married about one year ago. Saliha, the wife, is a young educated woman who finished her midwifery and her husband, Naim, also finished his bachelor’s degree in literature. When they finished their education, they were actively looking for jobs when suddenly coronavirus spread all over the world. Many countries faced difficult situations and many more lost their lives, a lot of people lost their jobs, businesses and factories stopped working and universities and courses and all educational institutions have closed their activities.

Saliha and Naim have been affected by the current situation as well. Saliha has a new born baby and she is worried about the future of her baby girl. Naim, on the other hand, is going out every day to find some work in order to earn at least 200 afs (2.5$) a day to bring bread home.

Saliha and Naim have a hope that one day this situation will end and everything will be okay and their baby will grow up and have food on the table to eat, but it will only happen when the coronavirus will end. 

Saliha said: 

‘Even though I know it is hard; but we have to be patient and keep calm otherwise we will not find any solution.’


Interview Date: 18.04.2020

These families were interviewed by Chadari Project member, Malali Popalzai who lives in Mazar-e-Sharif. During these crucial times, your gift of even $1 can help us support  families in the most vulnerable communities in Mazar-e-Sharif area. You can support this family through this link:

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