Bibi Shafiqa’s Story

Bibi Shafiqa and her daughter both are widows with no one to support them, they live in Mazar-e-Sharif, in the northern city of Afghanistan. She is the only breadwinner of her family and is working as a maid in other people’s homes. Bibi Shafiqa lives with her daughter and her 7-years-old grandson.

Bibi Shafiqa

When I asked about her current financial situation, she replied:

‘We don’t have anyone to help us and we don’t know how to meet our basic needs such as food. Nowadays people do not trust us to go enter their home to do their house chores; all because of this coronavirus, so we are at home and have nothing to eat. If you are helping, please for Allah’s sake help us and bring something to eat at least in this difficult situation.’ 

As she mentioned this, her eyes were full of tears, she also mentioned about her 7-years-old grandson and her concern about his future, his education and his career.

Interview Date: 18.04.2020

These families were interviewed by Chadari Project member, Malali Popalzai who lives in Mazar-e-Sharif. During these crucial times, your gift of even $1 can help us support  families in the most vulnerable communities in Mazar-e-Sharif area. You can support this family through this link:   

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