We Voted to Win

We voted to win

Even though they killed

Many of our innocent compatriots

We voted for the hope

of a better future and government


We voted to win

They are against humanity





They do not want us

to choose parliament

but we continue voting

continue our peaceful ways

until the end of our lives


Afghans showed their valor

Like long ago

When their fingers were cut (off?)

They still voted


Old and young

were visible in lines

at the voting boxes

Even those with no legs

in wheelchairs

came to vote


We voted to win

The great numbers

of people who came out

on election day

showed that Afghans want

a new parliament

a new government


We voted to win

Even though

there were irregularities

long lines

difficulties with voting machines


Still, people said NO to terrorism

and violence despite threats

Afghans participated

in the national process


Because we vote to win

Because we are united

We are not Hazara, Tajik,

Uzbek or Pashtun.


We are Afghans

and humans

which we showed

on election day


Only by being united

are we more powerful

Discrimination, depravity

and separation

are causes of ruin

among nations

among Afghans

But we voted to win.


About the Author: Gulchaman Rahmani is a graduate of Kabul Medical University where she studied stomatology. She is also a Star Educational Society alumna.




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