A Girl in the Afghan Masjid

Clock turns 8:45 pm

I can hear Mullah’s Adhaan

I need to get ready

I’m in a rush

On the way to masjid,

I arrive and perform prayers in the beautiful masjid

The masjid has beautiful minarets

That attract people’s attention

And inspires them

To perform prayers before Allah


We perform Taraweeh prayers

in the masjid near our apartments

There is a separate place for women.


And then I see a girl

A beautiful little girl,

who looks to be the age of twelve

Who looks at me every day,

Every single day


Whenever I look back at her,

She doesn’t say anything,

But smiles.


That beautiful smile stuck

in my mind since then.

I can’t forget her smile

The innocent smile she has

The purity of her smile has taken

My calmness


Every night,

Every single night

When performing Taraweeh,

a prayer performed during Ramadhan,

she looks toward me and smiles.


One day, during the last of the Taraweeh prayers,

She came and sat with me,

Her beautiful blue eyes looked at me

I felt like an angel had sat with me—

So pure

So innocent

So calm


She smiled again, and

Then I knew something that I hadn’t known for weeks

We had some kind of connection,

She loved Allah,

I loved Allah,

We both were in a masjid.

We both were worshipping Allah

We both were here to thank Allah.


Still, she was like a mystery to me

I did not know her yet I thought knew everything about her.

She inspired me with her fine smile.

I had never met a person smiling so bright.

By seeing her, I can say that in this world of violence, goodness also exists.



I did not know what her name was,

what she was doing,

which school she was going

But I knew we had a connection.

Even after a thousand, thousand years have passed,

We will understand one another.


I felt like she was my sister

My angel,

My younger sister.

Who I found after a long, long time,

After a thousand, thousand splendid moons.


Author: Sveto Muhammad Ishoq

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