Becoming an English Teacher

On April 24, 2018 I started teaching boys English for fun. It was also a way for me not to forget my English. Every day I go to teach. I really enjoy teaching, and it is fun when you know something and you try to teach others. I teach from the book ‘’Let’s go 1.” It is a book for students who are starting to learn English. The book starts with ABC, and it has many good words to learn.

The place that I go to teach is about 30 minutes away from my home. I walk there. Mostly I am alone so it is a good time for me to think about my life, about my future, and more.

On the way, I see different people. Girls and boys going to school, men busy at their own lives, women trying to be strong and working hard. Some people are really kind, they help, they are supportive, BUT some people are looking at me like I killed someone. This is because they do not like girls to go out. I don’t know why they think like this.

The joy and the happiness that I get every day, is from my students listening, and learning. All of us in the class are learning from each other. I don’t give the feeling to my students that I am their teacher. I behave like their friend. Teaching is an enjoyable time.

About the Author: Madia Mazala studied at SOLA (School of Leadership Afghanistan) and is in her first year at university where she studies agriculture. She works as an administrative assistant for FLC (Future Leaders’ Club). Madia enjoys writing and feels that it allows her to express things she can’t say. Her previous work has been published by AWWP (Afghan Women’s Writing Project) which she joined in 2012.


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