My Three Goals

I think a life without a goal doesn’t have any meaning. Life with goals makes us want to work hard to achieve them. If we don’t have goals in our life it must mean that we don’t want a good and better life. Most humans believe in the idea that whatever happens is “all for the best.” They believe that chance is why things happen. And they think chance makes our lives but the right way to think about it is that we make our own chances. For reaching our goals we must have a different idea and be more hardworking than others. There is a proverb that says “nothing is difficult to a willing mind.” If we do what we have always done, believe in chance and not work hard, we will get what we have always gotten, nothing.

One of my small goals is to earn a PhD and become a leader in the future. Another of my goals is to speak English easily. Those goals require studying hard and it’s up to me to do that. My last goal is to be a good and active person in the development of a better future for Afghanistan. These are my three goals and achieving them will depend on my actions. I will work hard and not leave anything to chance.


About the Author: Marzia is a top student at school and will be starting 12th grade soon. She studies English at the Star Educational Society

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