Beauty: never losing hope

In my home country, Afghanistan, hundreds of people are murdered daily. There is war going on in some of the provinces. This has brought a lot of damages in people’s lives; however, we are never losing hope. Seeing Afghan people having sincere faith in Allah, helping each other no matter what the circumstances are, always supporting each other during thick and thin, staying hungry together, spending sleepless nights out of fear together makes realize the true definition of beauty.

Yes, it is beautiful. This is exactly what is my own definition of beauty: never losing hope, enjoying every moment in your life and spending your day, as it is your last. Hugging each other as if it is your last hug, helping each other like you would never have a chance to do so again, cleaning your heart from all the hatred towards people, and realizing that this world is going to end anyway, then why should hatred exist at all? Why? Why don’t we just switch our mindset of ‘hatred’ to discovering ‘beauty’?

I have a different perspective of the concept of beauty. And that particularly can be found in almost everything, in every minor thing, but the main point is that we need to have a desirable vision in order to see and simultaneously feel it. I see the beauty in the child’s loud laughter, in the silent drops of the rain, in the sincere hug of my grandmother, in the beautiful sky filled with the shining stars in the midnight…

I see the beauty in watching the birds flying in a group together and united. I see the beauty in a heart touching recitation of the Holy Quran, making people cry not even knowing a single word of it. The beauty is seeing different people around the world helping each other without any discrimination against color, gender, religion and age.

It is the right time to learn to see beauties in every minor thing; it can be anything that makes us cheerful. Look around and see how fascinating is the world around us. Look at the sky; the beautiful picture of it makes us realize how wonderful is living in this world.

Beauty is eternal. Let’s make this world a better place to live in by concentrating on the context of beauty. Be happy on small things, have faith, love each other, see beauty in each other’s smiles and support each other on difficult times, this is indeed beautiful!!! If a person will try to see beauty in every minor thing in his/her life, he would be grateful for every small thing happening in his life.

Auhtor: Sveto Muhammad Ishoq

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