Beauty in Hijab

I am telling you a secret,

A secret of wearing hijab

“Shhhhh shhhhhhh”

Keep your mouth close and

Just know that


Hijab is not a symbol of oppression; it’s a symbol of obsession.

It’s a symbol of love, faith and honesty.

When a girl wears a hijab,

She is judged, threatened and abused.

Why? Why this should happen?


Whereas hijab is a symbol of beauty.

It’s a symbol of peace.

A girl sees a hijab as her beauty.

Beauty in faith,

Beauty in honesty,

Beauty in integrity,

Beauty in virtuousness.


Yes, all these quality are in ONE!

In one…and we call it hijab.


We choose to wear the beauty

And who are you to judge?


Hijab is like a small room

A believing woman hiding her beauty inside it,

Sees her beauty inside it.

Hijab is a symbol of beauty.

A symbol of beauty of a Muslimah (a Muslim woman)

Spends her days and nights obeying Allah

Wearing hijab to hide her beauty

From the evil eyes

And she does it only because she

Sees the beauty in hijab.


Those sisters who see the beauty in

Their hijabs,

They always wear it,

They always obey that symbol of beauty,

That symbol of decency,

That symbol of chastity.


Why the world should judge those

Wearing hijabs?


We, Muslimahs, just need a simple explanation,

Why can’t they see the beauties lying in

Our hijabs?


The hijab – a symbol of beauty-

Is only seen to those Muslims

Who truly see the beauty in it,

Who know what it really feels

Wearing a hijab and

Feeling protected,

Feeling beautiful,

Feeling calm,

Feeling respectful.


We, Muslimahs, see the beauty in hijab,

The beauty of hijab is indescribable,

It is difficult to explain,

It needs to be felt, not written,

It means to be understood,

And It requires love,

Faith and honesty.


Hijab is a symbol of beauty,

We choose to wear that beauty

Every single day

Every single night

We choose to wear it

And we are proud of it!


Hijab is our choice!

Hijab is our pride!

Hijab is our beauty!


Author: Sveto Muhammad Ishoq


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